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How A Charleston Land Surveyor Can Help

Obtaining a land survey ensures your protection in any real estate transaction. A survey discloses specifically what part of property is being bought and everything within that tract. Every purchaser should acquire a land survey prior to a real estate transaction closing.

Many realty transactions have some kind of trouble. These troubles can be small (a fence is over the home line) or even more significant (a driveway, swimming pool, or deck is over a property line, the deed detailing the parcel of property is inaccurate, or a home in a flood area, etc.). Some problems are irreparable. If a driveway is entirely off the property, as an example, the buyer has no ingress or egress to the house.

By hiring a professional land surveyor such as Harold Nielson, you can be sure that you know the area of everything on your land. Using an older land survey of the property does not guarantee your protection because recent improvements may exist which are over the property line.

A land survey is important for any buyer, whether it is for the re-sale of a house or sale of a brand-new home. Our typical land survey averages $350, well worth the rate for the peace of mind it provides to the purchaser. If a purchaser acquires a survey of the property, the title company will insure you for any land surveying problems that might develop. Without a survey, the owner’s title insurance coverage will omit coverage for anything that a land surveyor would have revealed.

If a buyer elects to avoid the expense of obtaining a land survey, any property issues that would have been revealed by a study will be the sole obligation of the purchaser. These problems can cost many times what a land survey would have cost. If a fence is over the property line, for instance, it must be changed. If a driveway is over a property line, it needs to be cut and re-poured. If your air conditioning unit is not on your property, the unit will have to be rewired. An issue that could initially appear minor can quickly end up being complicated and costly. As discussed above, more serious issues are sometimes permanent. If your home is over the property line, for instance, nothing can be done to fix this problem unless the buyer negotiates with the neighbor to buy a piece of their property. Problems such as the ones explained above can considerably minimize the value of the property.

Getting a survey prior to closing is smart insurance to a positive real estate deal. Other individuals associated with the real estate transaction are most interested in settling the deal. By getting a dependable land survey from a reputable land surveyor prior to closing, the buyer has a negotiating tool to use regarding the property’s price if an issue develops.


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