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Flood Solutions

Flood Solutions


Step 1: The Elevation Certificate

The fist step towards determining whether or not your home will need flood insurance is to have an elevation certificate completed by a licensed engineer or land surveyor.  Our firm is Charleston’s premier provider for flood elevation certificates and consulting services as it relates to flood solutions.   Our firm has completed over one thousand elevation certificates within the last decade.  We have encountered and solved a multitude of construction issues as it relates to residential homes complying with FEMA regulations.  Our primary goal is to provide hyper accurate flood elevation surveys so our client can achieve the best flood insurance premium rate.

Step 2: Flood Solutions

After having a flood elevation certificate completed we can then deduce what steps are necessary to lower the homeowners flood insurance rate.  We charges the lowest rate among land surveyors in Charleston county for follow up flood solutions consulting services.  In most cases there are a variety of steps the homeowner can take to make there home more complaint with FEMA standards.  Some examples of flood solutions available are:

Engineered Vents:

Engineered Vents have been designed and tested as flood vents, and are given a flood coverage rating based on performance.  Our firm does not perform install these vents, however, at our website, we list several contractors in the Charleston Tri-County area.

Breakaway Walls:

In some cases it is advisable for the homeowner to install breakaway walls to there home to become FEMA compliant.  Breakaway walls are walls designed to collapse or breakaway under storm and flood conditions.

Amending the Elevation Certificate:

After the necessary steps are taken by the homeowner to make the dwelling FEMA compliant we will upon a secondary inspection revise the original elevation certificate to reflect the changes made by the homeowner.   This in turn will lead to a lower annual premium for flood insurance.

For more information, go to our page on Flood Zone FAQs.



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