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FEMA Elevation Certificate

Have you been notified that you are required to carry flood insurance in the Charleston area?  If so, you may have been asked to supply your insurance agent with an FEMA Elevation Certificate.

land surveyor charleston sc A Flood Elevation Certificate (EC) is a form that provides accurate elevation data for your home and structures.  It can  be used to get a flood insurance rate quote, or a reduced rate quote, or to remove the flood insurance requirement by  supporting a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).  The EC is completed and certified by one of our  licensed land surveyors or licensed civil engineers.

In most cases in order to prepare the Certificate, a field survey is required to provide accurate elevations of the  structures. Our firm has performed this flood insurance survey throughout the Tri-County area  numerous times.  Our land surveyors and engineers have an efficient system to ensure quick and accurate results.  If you are required to have flood insurance, or have questions about obtaining an EC, we are here to help.  For a free quote for a Certificate, contact us at (843) 276-1379 or fill out our website’s “Request a Quote Form“.



Key Parts of a Flood Elevation Certificate

Outlined below is an example Certificate to explain some of the more important features to anyone unfamiliar with this form.  We have emphasized the important parts of the elevation certificate that would provide more interest to the individual homeowner.
Click to enlarge the graphics!
Below is an example certificate with a very good graphic showing where the elevation shots are taken from the house and inserted to the appropriate boxes.  The examples below are taken from the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ “Flood Mitigation Program”.  Please note, the example shown uses much higher elevations than we have along the South Carolina coastline, but the methods used are exactly the same here.  Click to enlarge!
elevation certificate
What does “lowest floor” mean on a flood certificate? Below is another sketch defining “lowest floor” graphically:
Lowest Floor Elevation

For any questions regarding FEMA elevation certificates please contact us at – (843)-276-1379

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